What Are Some Australian Zip Codes?


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Australian postal codes are four-digit numbers ranging from 0200 (for addresses at Australian National University) to 9944 (for the town of Cannonvale, Queensland). Sydney's postal code is 2000, and Melbourne's is 3000. Each state's capital city ends with three zeros.

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Generally speaking, the first two digits of a postal code reveal the state or territory in which the address is located. For example, postal codes beginning with 02 and 10 to 29 are located in New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory, while codes beginning with 30 to 39 and 80 to 89 are located in Victoria.

There are exceptions to this rule. When a town is near a state or territory border, the Australian Post sometimes routes mail through a nearby post office across the border. For example, the town of Paringi is located in New South Wales, but is serviced by a post office in Victoria. Therefore, the postal code for Paringi is 3500, which would normally indicate an address in Victoria.

Australia's three external territories and three scientific bases in Antarctica are also assigned postal codes. Norfolk Island's postal code is 2899, in New South Wales' postal code range, while Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (postal codes 6798 and 6799, respectively) are in Western Australia's range. The Antarctic bases all have postal code 7151, part of the Tasmanian range.

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