What Attractions Does the Water-Zoo in Clinton, Oklahoma Have?

What Attractions Does the Water-Zoo in Clinton, Oklahoma Have?

Water-Zoo in Clinton, Oklahoma, offers attractions including The Biggest Splash, Cub's Cove, the wave pool, the Lazy and Crazy River and the inside-out water slides. The use of all attractions is included in the cost of admission for visitors.

The Biggest Splash features a 600-gallon bucket of water that soaks all the attractions below the bucket when it falls over. The attractions include slides, water cannons, hidey-holes, climbing activities and fountains.

At Cub's Cove, the smallest visitors find a space all their own. With less than 6 inches of water, the area includes a small slide and a water fountain with gently flowing water.

Visitors wade into the motion of the ocean in the park's wave pool. Waves roll up to the front of the pool that offers a zero-depth entry for people with handicaps and small children. Visitors enjoy the deeper end of the wave pool on inflated tubes.

On the Lazy and Crazy River, guests enjoy floating along the quarter-mile length river. As the floaters cross the wave pool, the ride becomes a little "crazy" as visitors face shooting water cannons.

The inside-out water slides begin inside the building, wind their way around the outside of the building and deposit riders back inside the park. There are three different slides visitors can ride.