What Attractions Are at the Tennessee Aquarium?


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Some of the attractions at the Tennessee Aquarium include the Appalachian Cove Forest, Discovery Hall, River Giants and the Tennessee River Gallery. While many of the attractions focus on river and local habitats, ocean life is explored in Stingray Bay, Tropical Cove and the aquarium's seahorse exhibit.

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What Attractions Are at the Tennessee Aquarium?
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The Appalachian Cove Forest shows where the Tennessee River begins. Pathways lead through a recreated forest environment, complete with humid air, streams, waterfalls, ponds and chirping birds. The exhibit leads to Discovery Hall, showing the environment where the Tennessee River joins the Ohio River and the two merge with the Mississippi River. The delta environment is also explored.

River Giants is an exhibit featuring some of the larger residents of the river system, such as the oversized freshwater stingray, Wallago catfish and the sturgeon. The Tennessee River Gallery compares the still-wild parts of the Tennessee River with developed areas.

Stingray Bay is an interactive touch station where visitors may discover what a stingray feels like, under staff member supervision. Tropical Cove in the Ocean Journey section, recreates a tropical rainforest, compete with flowers and waterfalls. Macaw Glade is home to the hyacinth macaw, a deep blue colored member of the parrot family. The seahorses are in a series of tanks containing typical seahorses, sea dragons, pipefish and sea stars.

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