What Are Some Attractions at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom?

What Are Some Attractions at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom?

The Kentucky Kingdom is an amusement park in Louisville that is home to a mixture of thrill rides, chill rides, casual activities and dining options. The main attractions of the park include King Louie's Playground, the Hurricane Bay water park, rollercoasters and rides.

The Kentucky Kingdom, formerly Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, reopened in 2014 with new attractions such as a 5-D cinema, Lightning Run rollercoaster and Hurricane Bay beach club area.

Not everything in the Kentucky Kingdom is about high-adrenaline excitement; there are plenty of family-friendly attractions and things to do in the amusement park. You can see short films in 5-D at the new cinema, visit sea lions in the Aqua Theater and go on classic rides such as the Bumper Cars.

Rollercoasters at the amusement park include Lightning Run, Thunder Run and T3. The Lightning Run is a 10-storey-high coaster that includes a high-speed drop of 100 feet at 80 degrees, which is almost straight down to the ground. T3 is a suspended looped coaster with five gravity-defying twists and turns.

The Hurricane Bay beach club area contains eight water rides and attractions, lounging areas with beach chairs, private cabana rentals and water tubes. The beach club is an expansion of the Hurricane Bay section, which contains the 12,000-square-foot wave pool, a Big Surf pool that creates waves of water up to 6 feet high, and a range of water slides. Families with small children visiting Hurricane Bay should visit the Buccaneer Beach area, a tropical themed attraction with smaller water slides and interactive elements.