What Attractions Does Magic Mountain Theme Park Offer?


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Attractions at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park include family and kids' rides and roller coaster thrill rides. The park's roller coasters rides as of 2016 are Apocalypse, Batman: The Ride, Superman: Escape from Krypton, Gold Rusher and Goliath. Other roller coasters are Green Lantern: First Flight, Ninja, Scream, Riddlers' Revenge and Tatsu. Family rides include Buccaneer, a swinging pirate ship, Canyon Blaster, a junior roller coaster that winds riders through a mining town set, and the Cyclone 500 go-karts.

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Kids' rides at the Magic Mountain theme park include the Grand Carousel, Jet Stream, a flume ride, Daffy's Adventure Tours, a gently floating bus and Elmer's Weather Balloons, a slowly spinning attraction. Other park attractions are Dive Devil, which allows riders to fall 152-feet through the air, Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, a ride that pulls riders up 415 feet in the air before dropping in a free-fall, Sandblasters bumper cars and Slingshot, a catapult experience. Magic Mountain is home to Twisted Colossus, a record-breaking hybrid coaster.

Slingshot and Dive Devil may require additional fees.

The New Revolution, the world's first looping roller coaster, is planned to reopen for its 40th anniversary in 2016 with new trains, calf and lap bars and sound effects.

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