What Are Some of the Attractions at Kennywood Amusement Park?

Kennywood Amusement Park in Pennsylvania has a wide range of thrill rides, water rides and rides for small children. There are also some competitive interactive rides such as Ghostwood Estate, in which riders score points by shooting haunted characters with a blaster.

Some of Kennywood's popular thrill rides include the Aero 360, the Black Widow, the Jack Rabbit and the Phantom's Revenge. The Aero 360 is a pendulum ride that eventually swings a complete 360 degrees. The Black Widow is another variety of pendulum ride that places riders in a circle that also rotates while the pendulum is swinging. The Jack Rabbit is one of the oldest roller coasters still in operation, having been built originally in 1921. The Phantom's Revenge is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world, reaching a peak speed of 85 miles per hour.

Water rides at Kennywood include the Log Jammer, Pittsburg Plunge and the Raging Rapids. The Log Jammer is 1,650 feet long and ends with a 53-foot drop. The Pittsburg Plunge is a chute ride with a 50-foot drop, and Raging Rapids is a simulation of white water rafting.

Rides for young children include the Crazy Trolley, Dizzy Dynamo and the Elephant Parade.