What Are Some Attractions in Cremona, Italy?


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Some attractions in Cremona, Italy, include the Archaeological Museum, the Museo del Violino and the area's many churches. The churches include St. Agatha, St. Sigmund, St. Augustine, St. Homobonus, St. Luca, St. Abundius, St. Michael, St. Mary Magdalene and St. Peter on the Po.

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What Are Some Attractions in Cremona, Italy?
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Some of the churches, including those of St. Peter on the Po and St. Sigmund, contain architectural details and decors characteristic of the 16th-century Mannerism movement, while earlier buildings, such as St. Augustine, showcase the Gothic style.

St. Lorenzo's, along with the attached Meli chapel, houses the Archaeological Museum. On display are artifacts dating back to the Roman founding of Cremona in the year 218 B.C. In fact, the building itself is also an archaeological site, situated in the former location of a 10th-century church and early Roman necropolis.

The Museo del Violino, or violin museum, takes visitors through the history and manufacture of violins, from the instrument's early origins, through the spread of its popularity and featuring in contemporary movies. One of the museum's rooms houses artifacts once belonging to Stradivari, while another displays entries from the Triennale violin-making competition. There is also a room called the violinmaker's workshop, where visitors can get an insight into the manufacture of violins.

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