What Are Some Facts About Atlantic Ocean Geography?


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The Atlantic Ocean covers nearly 77 million square miles, has over 69,000 miles of coastline, and is divided into the north Atlantic Ocean and south Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean lies between North America and South America in the west and Europe and Africa in the east. It runs from Greenland south to the tip of South America, just shy of Antarctica.

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The Atlantic Ocean includes not only the main body of water between the Western and Eastern hemispheres, but it also includes many of the major seas such as the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico between North America and South America, the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea between Africa and Europe, the North Sea and Baltic Sea north of mainland Europe, and the Norwegian Sea between Greenland and northern Europe.

The Atlantic Ocean contains the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which runs like a spine from the Arctic south past Africa. Some of the highest peaks of this mountain range are islands in the ocean from Iceland in the north between Greenland and Norway to Ascension Island in the south between Africa and South America.

Although the Atlantic Ocean is only the second largest in the world to the Pacific Ocean, it's the saltiest ocean. The Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest point at 28,231 feet.

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