What Areas Does AirTran Airways Serve?


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AirTran Airways is a part of Southwest Airlines as of the end of 2014. With the coupling of the two airlines, AirTran services are now available all over the United States, to destinations such as Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando and NYC, as well as internationally to destinations in the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America.

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Like AirTran Airways, Southwest Airlines is a budget no-frills airline that offers customers low-cost airfares by eliminating luxuries such as assigned seating. When AirTran Airways first began conducting business in 1993, it was known as ValuJet. The airline changed its name to AirTran following major airline crashes that threatened the company's reputation. Southwest Airlines acquired AirTran in 2010, and the merger of the two airlines was completed in late 2014.

Customers were able to transfer their AirTran reward miles to Southwest Airlines, and Southwest continues to honor the miles as of 2015. Southwest also handles all airline ticketing and reservations. Following the completion of its merger with AirTran Airways, Southwest began working to expand the number of its non-stop flight routes. Southwest Airlines is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company currently serves more than 100 million customers each year and operates more than 3,600 flights every day. It also has the largest fleet of Boeing planes in the world.

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