Where Is Area 51 Located?


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Area 51 resides in Groom Lake, Nevada. The top-secret Area 51 landmark serves as a remote training facility for United States Air Force. It sits in the southern part of Nevada, and sits alongside the equally famous Extraterrestrial Highway, which derives its name from the frequency and volume of UFO sightings reported by highway travelers.

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Area 51 exists as a separate physical facility from the Edwards Air Force Base, which is another facility operated by the Air Force. Area 51 resides in the same physical area called the Nevada Testing Range, which also houses Edwards Air Force Base. Little information makes its way to the public regarding Area 51. This site serves as a testing and training facility for Air Force pilots, and goes by several other names. Its other standard names are "Groom Lake" and "Homey Airport." However, the secret facility also goes by several nicknames, including "Dreamland," "Paradise Base" and "Watertown." Area 51 leaves much to the imagination, making it a good subject for movies, television shows and books. The popular movie "Independence Day" bases its plot on area 51, which is portrayed as a secret government site used for housing extraterrestrial beings and storing defective and destroyed UFOs. Area 51 also inspires many conspiracy theories and brings curious tourists to the surrounding Extraterrestrial Highway.

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