What Apps Allow You to Track Southwest Airlines Flights?


Some apps that enable users to track Southwest Airlines flights include FlightAware, Flightwise and Flightradar24. FlightAware is available free of charge for iOS and Android and Flightwise is a free browser-based flight tracker app. There is also a premium version of the latter called Flightwise Tracker Pro, which can be purchased and downloaded for iOS.

Flightradar24 is also available at a small fee for both iOS and Android. In addition to enabling users to check the status of flights, this app also allows users to view the flight path, speed and altitude. Users can also point their phone camera at the sky to view which planes are passing in real-time.

With a 30-second delay, FlightAware's flight data is not quite real-time. However, it is still superior to many similar apps, which are delayed by up to 5 minutes. The app uses government data from a variety of sources to allow users to track any commercial flight in the world, including Southwest Airlines.

The free browser-based flight tracker, Flightwise, allows users to create flight plans in addition to tracking them. It can also be used to notify users of arrivals and departures at specific airlines. These notifications can be set up as text or voice call alerts.