How Do You Apply for a Travel Document or Visa?


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Those who need a travel document or visa before entering the United States can apply for one by determining their eligibility and which documents are needed, by filling out the forms, by completing all required information and by paying the appropriate fee. Travel document types include re-entry permits, advance parole documents and refugee travel documents.

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Use the following steps to apply for a travel document or visa to the U.S.

  1. Select travel document and visa type
  2. Determine which travel documents are needed. Examples of visa types include those for who are students, domestic employees, visitors or journalists. A travel document may also be required for those who are refugees or who are traveling for educational, employment or humanitarian purposes.

  3. Complete the forms
  4. Complete the Form I-131 for the travel document and Form DS-160 for the visa. Form DS-160 can be completed online. Form-131 can be completed online if applying for an advance parole document. Otherwise, the form will need to be mailed.

  5. Pay the fees
  6. Pay all fees associated with the visa and travel document.

  7. Schedule an interview
  8. Schedule an interview for the visa application. Determine which documents need to be presented during the interview.

  9. Receive documents
  10. The travel documents will be sent in the mail once the application is process and eligibility is confirmed.

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