How Do You Apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa?

How Do You Apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa?


Canadian tourist visas can be applied for online through the government of Canada's website or on paper by using an official application package. Visitors should first check the list of required countries on the website, as it's unnecessary for residents of many countries to have a tourist visa to visit.

If applying online, it's necessary to scan some documents so that they can be submitted electronically. A credit card is also needed to pay the required fees. The paper application packet can be downloaded and printed from the government of Canada's website. Application fees must be paid in Canadian dollars. The mailing address for the packet varies depending on the visitor's country of residence.

Even if a visitor is not required to have a visa, there are various other requirements she must meet. She must demonstrate to an immigration officer that she has ties to take her back to her home country, such as a home or a job. She must also have a valid travel document, be in good health and have enough money for the stay. She may also need a letter of invitation from a resident of Canada in some cases.

Canada allows visitors to apply for either a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa. The single entry visa is good for one use only. The multiple entry visa allows the visitor to come and go without having to reapply for a visa each time.