What Appears on a List of German Products?

A list of German products includes Levi Strauss jeans, Mercedes-Benz cars and Adidas shoes. Many well-known condiments also have their origin in Germany, such as Heinz ketchup and Hellmann's mayonnaise.

Hamburg, Germany, is the home of Nivea and MontBlanc, skin care products and pens respectively. Munich is home to BMW, with Porsche based in nearby Stuttgart. Ritter Sport chocolate comes from Waldenbuch. Other products and brands include Hugo Boss, Audi, Puma, T-Mobile and Birkenstock, famous for its sandals.

Germany is also well-known for many inventions and refinements, such as aspirin, the automobile, bacteriology, beer and airbags. Two Germans simultaneously invented the automobile in 1886 by placing motors in tricycles and carriages. The refinement of beer dates back to the 1500s and the time of Duke Wilhelm IV and Duke Ludwig X. At that time, snake root, ox bile and pitch all found their way into the alcohol.

The Germans were on the cusp of medicine and science with the invention of bacteriology, jet engines and nuclear fission. Hans von Ohain invented the jet engine in 1936. Nuclear fission first came about in 1938 through the work of Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn. Robert Koch first embarked on bacteriology or the study of bacteria as a reaction to diseased livestock in 1870.