What Are Antarctica's Most Famous Landmarks?

Two of Antarctica's most famous landmarks are Vinson Massif and the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Located in Ellsworth Mountains, Vinson Massif is the highest point in Antarctica with an elevation of approximately 16,066 feet. The Antarctic Ice Sheet covers an area of around 5,405,430 sq. miles and it is the largest catchment area in the continent.

Antarctica's most impressive features are carved by nature. Occupying the south polar region, a massive 98 percent of Antarctica is blanketed in ice, which forms along coastal ice shelves. The most prominent among these frozen floating sheets of ice include Filchner, Amery, Larsen, Ross and Ronne ice shelves.

Antarctica is also home to Mount Erebus, which is the world's most southerly active volcano. Aside from its natural landmarks, the continent also houses research facilities from various nations. As of 2015, these stations include the United States' Siple Station Permanent and Russia's Vostok Research Station.