What Animals Are Native to Germany?

Animals native to Germany include game animals, fish and reptiles, wild animals, and birds. Some animals native to the area are now extinct in the wild, but are found in captivity or migrate from neighboring countries.

Game animals found in Germany include roe deer, boar, hare, ibex and chamois. Hunting laws help maintain levels of these animals that are beneficial to the animal and human populations of the country. Game birds, such as pheasant and quail, are also native to Germany.

Salmon, carp, eel, lamprey and perch are common in this area. Four species of whitefish are found only within German borders. Reptiles include salamanders, slow worms, and many species of lizards and snakes. The only venomous snake is the adder.

The mammals found in Germany include the otter, beaver, marten, polecat and weasel. Red squirrels are very common in this country. Wildcats and brown bears, after nearing extinction, have made a comeback. There are no native elk or wolves in Germany anymore, but some do venture over from adjacent countries.

Birds of Germany include white-tailed and golden-tailed eagles, grey geese, mallards and white storks. Other ducks, geese and wading birds are found in the bird reserves of the region.