What Animals Are in Morocco?

Morocco has a variety of wildlife including birds, mammals, livestock and aquatic creatures. The native mammals include foxes, genets, hyenas, Barbary apes, panthers, jackals and gazelles. Many of the animals are noctural.

There are 138 mammal species in Morocco. Elephants, North African elephant shrews, crested porcupines, sand rats, common pipistrelles, cheetahs, African wildcats, striped hyenas, Barbary stags, Cuvier's gazelles, addaxes and Egyptian mongooses call Morocco their home.

The livestock population is large, with over 28 million sheep, goats and cattle. This statistic does not include mules, camels or horses that are commonly used. Our Africa states that wild mountain sheep or Mouflons inhabit a large area of the Atlas region. The Mouflon is the ancestor of all other sheep varieties.

The Berber, Green and Mauritanian toads are prominent aquatic creatures that sound off throughout the evenings.

Birds comprise a large portion of the wildlife population. Over 450 bird species inhabit Morocco. Morocco is home to the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis. The ostrich was reintroduced into Morocco around 1990 after becoming extinct in the area. Of the 131 waterfowl species worldwide, 39 species are native to Morocco. One species of albatross remains in Morocco. Three species of gannets and boobies live in Morocco.