What Animals Live in Uruguay?

Opossums, deer, boars and jaguars are all animals found in Uruguay. Common animals include rats, mice, squirrels and vipers. Rodents such as capybaras, coypu and chinchillas also live in Uruguay.

Uruguay is a small country with few forests, which limits the types of animals that can live there. The country does feature large grassland areas, so animals that thrive in that habitat do well in Uruguay. Anteaters and sloths make their home in Uruguay as do numerous bats: white lined bat, Hawaiian hoary, Southern yellow, Brazilian free-tailed, dwarf dog-faced bats, common vampire bats, dwarf bonneted bats, yellowish myotis and Pallas's mastiff, among others.

Some carnivores live in Uruguay. These include cougars, ocelots, margays, common foxes, skunks, South American coati, raccoons, pumas and otters. A group of mammals known as ungulates also lives in the small country. These include marsh deer, brown brocker, collared peccary and pampas deer. Several species of armadillos live in Uruguay, including greater naked tail armadillos, the common long-nose, Southern long-nose, six-banded and giant armadillo. In-land birds include owls, crows, parakeets, partridges and quails.

Uruguay features a coastline, so several water species are attracted to that area. These include birds such as egrets, eagles, pelicans, condors, swans, herons and ducks. Though they live in the water, sharks, grouper, barracuda, eels, pike, salmon and catfish are said to be from Uruguay.