Which Animals Live in Saudi Arabia?

Animals that live in and are native to Saudi Arabia include Arabian camels, wolves, antelope, Arabian leopards and sand cats. Vultures, snakes and mongooses also live in Saudi Arabia.

The Arabian camel, one of the animals that live in Saudi Arabia, is especially adapted to the deserts that make up the majority of this country. It has a single hump composed of fat that breaks down and nourishes the animal when it does not have access to food and water. When the camel comes across a water source, it can drink and store up to 30 gallons of water at one time.

The Arabian leopard is one of the largest predators in Saudi Arabia, although it is one of the smallest of the leopard species. It feeds on the native gazelles and hares. The sand cat is a small 7-pound animal that does not need to drink water. Instead, it gets all its moisture through its prey, including sand rats and scorpions.

The Arabian wolf population in Arabia is declining, as of 2015, due to shooting and trapping. This animal is a subspecies of the grey wolf found in North America. It thrives in a desert environment by digging burrows in the ground where temperatures are cooler.