What Animals Live in Rwanda?


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Despite severe habitat destruction and poaching, Rwanda is home to elephants, giraffes, antelope, hippos, zebras, leopards and a variety of primates. The majority of these animals live in protected areas such as the Akagera National Park, which features many animals that live in the savannah, according to the Republic of Rwanda.

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The country's two forest parks, Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park, host 13 species of primates, including one-third of the world's mountain gorillas, according to the government. The public is allowed to visit seven mountain gorilla families at designated locations within the parks. Other primates that live in national parks include chimpanzees and colobus monkeys, while non-primate species include forest hogs, small antelope species, golden cats and more than 700 types of birds.

The African Wildlife Foundation reports that a large troop of Ruwenzori colobus arboreal monkeys lives in Rwanda's national parks forests.

Our Africa compares Rwanda to a "tropical Switzerland" and notes that in addition to its many grassland mammals, Akagera National Park hosts a wide variety of birds, including the papyrus gonolek and shoebill stork, both of which are highly sought by international birders. Most of these birds tend to frequent the park's plentiful waterways.

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