Which Animals Live in the Polar Regions?

animals-live-polar-regions Credit: Daisy Gilardini/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Animals that live in the polar regions include penguins, seals, bears, sea lions and walruses. There are two polar regions near the North and South poles, located at the northernmost and southernmost parts of the Earth. While the two regions are similar in temperature, animal life and survival differs between the poles.

Antarctica, near the South Pole, has no living land mammals. It is simply too cold near the South Pole to have much animal life. Penguins and fish mainly live in the Antarctic region. Seals are also found in this polar region, but will navigate away from the South Pole.

The North Pole, or Arctic region, still has frozen tundras, but is able to host more animal life. The Arctic region contains parts of Canada, the United States, Ireland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and Finland. Animals indigenous to this area include polar bears, snowy owls, arctic foxes, beluga whales, reindeer and elk.

Animals in both polar regions have body designs that help them keep warm. For example, polar animals may have a thick layer of feathers, fur or fat. Penguins have a thick layer of blubber that help keeps them warm in the most extreme of temperatures.