What Animals Live in Iceland?


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Many animals live in Iceland, including puffins, Arctic foxes, Icelandic horses, sheep, cattle, reindeer, Icelandic sheepdog and rabbits. Many of the domestic animals were brought into Iceland by settlers to the country. Due to the country's isolation, these animals have remained unchanged.

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The Arctic fox was the only animal native to Iceland when it was first settled in the ninth century. The Arctic fox entered the island by walking across the frozen sea during the end of the ice age. Occasionally, polar bears are seen in Iceland. The polar bears travel to the country on floating icebergs from Greenland. Iceland is popular among birdwatchers, who visit the island to see the puffins, kittiwakes and skua that build nests on the sea cliffs.

One of the most well-known animals of Iceland is the Icelandic horse. The Icelandic horse was developed in the country to be hardy and long living. This breed is characterized by its small size, similar to a pony.

Iceland is located in northern Europe in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the United Kingdom. Its capital is Reykjavik. The island is located above a hot spot and experiences a large amount of volcanic activity. Much of Iceland is also covered with glaciers.

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