What Animals Live in Chile?

The most abundant mammals in Chile are rodents. Among the more unique animals are the condor and the guanaco, an ancient predecessor of the camel.

Chile is a long slim country that spans different latitudes and altitudes. The landscape ranges from the coast to the tall Andes, and the northern region is a desert. The middle of the country is more humid and temperate, whereas the southern region is a rainforest.

Among the rodents there are chinchilla, degu, and mountain viscacha. These rodents are popular for their very fine furs. Other animals include the nutria, which is a water rodent that lives in the streams. While the guanaco is wild, several variants of this species have been domesticated, including llamas, alpacas and vicuña. Llamas are used as beasts of burden, whereas alpacas and vicuña provide fleece for weaving and knitting. The monito del monte is a marsupial that lives in the deciduous forests and rainforests.

The puma is the largest feline predator. There are also wolves and a long-tailed fox. Exotic birds live in some parts of Chile, including parrots and flamingos, and the condor, a scavenger, lives in the Chilean Andes. There are also many amphibians, although there are no poisonous reptiles or snakes. The huemul, a deer, is rarely seen in the wild and lives in the Southern Andes. It appears on the national coat of arms.