What Are the Animals That Inhabit the Chaparral Biome?


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The most well-known animals that inhabit the Chaparral biome are coyotes, jack rabbits, mule deer, alligator lizards, horned toads, praying mantis, honey bees and ladybugs. The Chaparral biome typically boarders the Desert biome, therefore, many of these animals are also found in the Desert biome.

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The majority of the animals that live in the Chaparral biome are nocturnal, this means that they are primarily active at night. The average yearly rainfall for the Chaparral biome is between 10 and 17 inches per year. Because of this, the animals that inhabit these regions must be able to survive on very little water. Being active at night, when the temperatures are cooler, allows these animals to reduce the amount of water necessary to prevent overheating during the summer when the biome is dryest.

In addition to the lack of rain, the Chaparral biome is characterized as having forests as well as grasslands. Though found primarily in the U.S. state of California, there are numerous location across the globe where one can find this type of biome. A few of these locations are Oregon, South Africa and Australia. In addition to the specialized animals that call this biome there home, there are also many well-adapted plants that reside in the Chaparral biome.

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