What Animals Can You See on an African Safari?


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Although there are many animals to be seen on an African safari, some of the most popular ones are lions, elephants, giraffes and leopards. South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are some of the most popular countries to go on a safari.

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What Animals Can You See on an African Safari?
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A pride of lions is one of the most anticipated safari sightings, although safari-goers are more likely to find lions sleeping than doing anything else. Despite decreasing lion populations, travelers are guaranteed to see them in reserves like Kruger, Maasai Mara and the Serengeti.

Elephants are another popular sighting and can be found in 37 sub-saharan African countries. It is entertaining to watch elephants play, wrestle and interact with each other in their natural habitat. A good place to see elephants is at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Some of the rarer species to spot on safaris are cheetahs. There are only about 12,000 wild cheetahs in Africa, so it's not a guarantee to encounter one. A person's best chance of seeing a cheetah is on a safari in Tanzania or Namibia. Another very rare animal to see is a mountain gorilla. They only live in a small area in eastern Africa.

Other popular safari animals include zebras, hippos and Nile crocodiles which can all easily be spotted on most African safaris.

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