What Animals Does the ABQ BioPark Zoo and Aquarium Have?

Animals at the Albuquerque BioPark include coral reef fish, eels, sharks, cheetahs, African wild dogs, hyenas and giraffes. The Albuquerque BioPark is an environmental museum that consists of four facilities: Albuquerque Aquarium, Rio Grande Zoo, Tingley Beach and the Rio Grande Botanical Garden. They are connected to each other by a narrow gauge railroad.

The Albuquerque Biological Park is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, as of 2015. Its facility, the Albuquerque Aquarium, features fish and marine animals from the Rio Grande and Gulf of Mexico. Saltwater species from the Gulf of Mexico are kept in a 285,000-gallon ocean tank. Other animals at the aquarium include stingrays and species that live in estuaries, shallow waters and the ocean.

The Rio Grande Zoo is a 64-acre zoo that features more than 250 species of animals, as of 2015. The zoo has several exhibits, such as Adventure Africa, Reptile House, Aviary, Apes and Cat Walk. Animals at the zoo include chimpanzees, warthogs, hippopotami and zebras in the 6-acre Adventure Africa exhibit and Marabou storks, Cape Griffon vultures, roadrunners, eagles, storks and hammerkops in the aviaries. Lions, tigers and snow leopards are found in the Cat Walk. Guests can walk through 2.5 miles of paths to visit elephants, polar bears, camels, white rhinos, koalas, gorillas and seals.