What Are American Airlines' Carry-on Bag Specifications?


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American Airlines allows for one carry-on bag and a single personal item apart from the carry-on bag. The carry-on bag may be up to 45 inches in size, which should include handles and wheels if on the bag. The airport will provide a sizer to measure the bag, which should fit comfortably within the device to qualify for carry on status.

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The carry-on bag should also be able to fit within the overhead bin on the plane for storage. Traveling with horizontal rolling or hanging garment bags as carry-on bags is acceptable as long as they fit the standard size rules. A soft-sided garment bag of up to 51 inches may also be carried.

Acceptable personal items allowed as carry on additions include purses, laptop bags, briefcases and similar items. Other items such as coats, books and other printed media, a small container of food, approved safety seating for children such as booster seats, pillows and blankets, umbrellas, a diaper bag for a ticketed child, movement devices such as wheelchairs and walkers and a breast pump may also be included in items allowed on the plane in addition to carry on bags, according to American Airlines.

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