How Do Alaska and Texas Compare in Size?

The size of Alaska is 665,384.04 square miles of total area, which is more than twice the size of Texas at 268,596.46 square miles. Alaska is also 1.9 times taller north to south than Texas, and 3.1 times wider east to west. Texas has a much larger population size than Alaska with 83 times more people per square mile. As of July 2014, the population of Texas was 27,695,284, while the population of Alaska was 736,732.

Alaska has 99 times more inland water than Texas, including reservoirs, lakes and rivers. Alaska also has more miles of coastline at 6,640 miles, while Texas has 367 miles. The highest peak in Texas is Guadalupe Peak, which stands at 8,749 feet, while the highest peak in Alaska is Mount McKinley, which stands at 20,320 feet, or 2.2 miles higher.

Alaska is the fourth least populous state in the United States, though it is the largest state by area. Texas is the second largest state by area and the second most populous. Alaska has a land-to-road ratio 31.3 times greater than Texas with 640 square miles of land for every mile of paved road, to Texas’s 20 square miles of land for every mile of paved road.