How Do US Airways Frequent Flyer Miles Work?

The US Airways Dividend Miles program is a customer, miles-based reward program that allows members to earn free flights, flight class upgrades, charitable-giving opportunities and magazines as incentives for frequent business with the airline. The US Airways program operates a combined frequent flyer program with American Airlines as of the merger of the two companies in 2015.

The US Airways program is the Dividend Miles program, but US Airways and American Airlines have a combined frequent flyer program. The combined program adopts many of the features of the American Airlines AAdvantage program, but the two programs are similar in their basic features. As of the 2015 merger between US Airways and American Airlines, US Airways transfers existing miles in a customer's account to the American Airlines frequent flyer program at a rate of one to one.

The combined program offers three mileage statuses: AAdvantage executive platinum, platinum and gold. Customers earn miles in a variety of ways, including qualifying miles, points and flight segments. To qualify for AAdvantage executive platinum status, flyers need to earn 100,000 miles or 120 flight segments. AAdvantage honors status earned in the US Airways Dividend Miles program.

Elite members of the program receive priority check-in options and have priority on standby lists. Additionally, elite members receive enhanced baggage allowances. Depending on the status, high-ranking members of the reward program receive access to business-class lounges.

In the US Airways mileage program, a credit card program allows frequent flyers to earn reward miles by making purchases with the airline credit card. The US Airways Premier World MasterCard carries a membership fee. The number of miles that a member needs to receive a free flight depends on the region of travel and the fare class in which the member wishes to travel.