What Are Airplane Instructions?

What Are Airplane Instructions?

Airplane instructions, also called in-flight passenger announcements, are designed to familiarize passengers with the location of exits and safety equipment in the event of an emergency. Usually delivered by the flight attendants, beginning when the plane is still at the gate, the verbal and visual instructions are enhanced by a brochure found in the pocket of every seat back. The crew provides additional safety and information announcements throughout the flight.

Just after boarding, the crew reminds passengers to put all luggage in the overhead compartments or under seats, and to lock their seat backs and tray tables in place. An attendant notes where the emergency exits are and asks passengers in those rows whether they are comfortable handling the doors in an emergency.

When the last passenger is aboard, the crew makes a door closure announcement, along with a reminder about seats, trays and electronic equipment. The crew usually announces the flight number, destination and flight time at this time. After closing the door, the captain reminds the cabin crew to do the final check.

En route to the runway, the crew shows a safety demonstration, either through flight attendants or through the cabin's video system. The captain usually announces the take-off time and advises the cabin crew to be seated.

If the plane encounters turbulence, the crew instructs the passengers to sit and put on their seat belts. Once the plane clears any turbulence, another announcement lets passengers know they may leave their seats and move about the cabin.