Do Airlines Still Offer Bump Benefits for Overbooked Flights?


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As of 2015, airlines continue to offer benefits for those bumped from overbooked flights. However, some instances and conditions may make a passenger ineligible for these benefits.

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Do Airlines Still Offer Bump Benefits for Overbooked Flights?
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The U.S. Department of Transportation requires commercial airlines flying 30 passengers or more and departing from the United States to search for volunteers before bumping anyone. Those who volunteer can receive benefits ranging from cash to free air vouchers. Many airlines provide meals or free drink coupons while waiting for the next flight. On-flight amenities can consist of free headsets, an upgrade to first class or admission into swanky airline clubs.

Typically, the longer the delay, the better the benefits. If the airline cannot find enough volunteers to give up their seats the first time around, the pay-off generally grows as the flight nears take-off time and the airline becomes more eager to take away seats.

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