Which Airlines Offer Lost Baggage Tracking?


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American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta are three national airlines that offer lost baggage tracking services as of May 2015. Many large international airlines, such as Lufthansa, are beginning to offer computerized baggage tracking for lost luggage as well, but it's taking regional airlines longer to catch up.

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American Airlines' lost baggage numbers improved dramatically once it implemented a luggage tracking system that includes handheld scanners capable of identifying specific bags in airplane cargo holds or on baggage carousels in airport terminals. The system also includes baggage vehicle touch screens that display last-minute gate changes and other luggage-related information. Because an increasing number of airports began providing Wi-Fi, a correspondingly increasing number of airlines have adopted similar lost baggage tracking systems.

Delta, the nation's largest airline, began allowing passengers to track their own luggage using their mobile phones by accessing a program available on the airline's website. Once bags are scanned, passengers are able to follow their luggage to the bag carousel at their destination airports. This feature lets customers see immediately if their luggage doesn't make it onto their flights, rather than waiting to find out after they have landed at their destinations and having to wait in line at the airport baggage claim office.

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