What Are Some Airlines That Fly Out of Boise?

As of 2015, some airlines that fly out of Boise, Idaho include commercial airlines such as Allegiant Air, United Airlines and Southwest. Other commercial airlines that fly out of the Boise Airport include Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines. Each of these major airlines provides service to 16 cities with non-stop, daily flights.

Boise Airport also receives service from charter planes, air taxis and commuter planes such as Turbo Air, Mountain Aviation, Western Aircraft, Jackson Jet Center and McCall Aviation. Western Air Express and Gem Air Flights are additional chartered and other scheduled services that fly out of Boise Airport. Boise Airport is open 24 hours on a daily basis.

Passengers can find kiosks and ticket counters on the second floor of the airport terminal. Other scheduled service and charter service have ticket counters on the first floor of the terminal. Each airline that services the airport has its own ticketing hours.

Each of the commercial airline carriers accepts mobile boarding passes except American Airlines. Passengers can also check-in their baggage by the curb at the Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines terminals. As of June 2015, Boise Airport annually services more than 1.4 million passengers. Some of the top destinations that Boise Airport passengers fly to include Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington.