How Do You Find Airbus A330 Seating Charts?


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To find Airbus A330 seating charts, visit SeatGuru.com, SeatPlans.com or SeatExpert.com. Alternatively, some airlines, such as Lufthansa, provide A330 seat plans on their websites, and others, such a US Airways, offer A330 seating plans during the online flight reservation procedure.

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How Do You Find Airbus A330 Seating Charts?
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The Airbus A330 comes in two different categories: the A330-200 and the A330-300. Each category has several different versions, and the cabin layout varies according to the carrier. US Airways, Aer Lingus and Lufthansa are examples of airlines that fly several different versions of the A330.

To find a specific A330 seating chart on SeatGuru,com, select Find Seat Map on the home page and enter the airline and flight number. Alternatively, select Browse Airlines, and click on an Airline to view its fleet of passenger jets. The A330 is located under Widebody Jets. The color-coded seat plans show the configuration of each cabin, including the location of exits, rest rooms, galleys and closets. Users mouse over an individual seat to see its row number and to read further information about amenities, such as on-demand TV and power plugs, and any potential problems, such as limited recline, lack of a window or close proximity to a galley.

SeatExpert's seating plans for the various A330 planes also use a color-coded key to rate specific seats. Users mouse over each seat to view further information. SeatPlans.com's seating plans do not offer additional information about individual seats.

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