What Are Some of Africa's Most Endangered Animals?


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There are many different species of endangered African animals, with some, such as the addax, facing a more dire threat than others. Many of the endangered or vulnerable species in Africa are threatened by human activities such as hunting, harassment and pastoralization of wild habitat. Some of these animals, such as the addax, are hunted for sport, while others, such as the elephant and the rhino, are poached.

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What Are Some of Africa's Most Endangered Animals?
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The addax is a particularly endangered African species; this four-legged mammal sports impressive curved horns, which may be part of the allure that has led to hunters thinning their numbers in such a dramatic fashion. As of 2010, there were just a few hundred wild addax still surviving in Africa. Other threatened African mammals include the mountain gorilla, zebra, leopard, lion, wild dog and chimpanzee.

While mammals tend to be the most recognizable endangered animals in Africa, there are many endangered birds as well. These include the African penguin, which lives in the southern parts of the country, gray parrot, southern ground hornbill and southern double-collared sunbird. There are also endangered reptiles in Africa, such as the geometric tortoise, which has a uniquely patterned shell.

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