What Are Some Affordable Places to Retire?


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Cities frequently cited as affordable for retirees are Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Tucson, Arizona; and Decatur, Alabama. Florida and Texas locations often make the list, as well, including Jacksonville, Vero Beach and Tampa, Florida and Corpus Christi, Austin and Sherman, Texas.

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Tax rates, cost of living, the availability and cost of health care and economic strength are factors used to determine affordability. Weather and cultural amenities are additional considerations. Its cost of living, accessible health care, free public transportation for seniors and the array of cultural and intellectual opportunities available through its colleges and universities establish Pittsburgh's affordability. Decatur, Alabama, attracts retirees with exceptionally reasonable housing costs and, like Pennsylvania, Alabama does not tax most retirement or Social Security income.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers similar tax advantages, low cost of living and opportunities for post-retirement employment. Tax laws also benefit retirees in Tucson, Arizona, where cultural and intellectual attractions center around the University of Arizona, and an array of health care options are readily accessible.

As of 2014, Social Security income is adequate for retiree living in Tucson, as well as in Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Florida, and Austin, Texas, according to U.S. News & World Report. Using the average 2013 Social Security benefit for its calculations, U.S. News & World Report states that a couple living in one of these cities can cover all basic expenses, including housing and health care, relying only on Social Security income.

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