Where Does Aegean Airlines Fly To?

Where Does Aegean Airlines Fly To?

Aegean Airlines flies to domestic destinations in Greece and international destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Russia, states its official website. It also operates codeshare flights to several domestic destinations in Greece. International codeshare flights are available to cities in Australia, Canada, South Africa and Singapore.

The airline's headquarters is in Athens, Greece and it has domestic flights to several Greek cities including Ioannina, Mykonos and Kalamata. The airline’s domestic codeshare destinations include Ikaria, Milos and Samos.

Aegean Airlines operates many international flights from Athens. London, Frankfurt, Paris, Warsaw and Tbilisi are some of its European destinations. The airline flies to several cities in the Middle East including Abu Dhabi, Amman, Beirut, Cairo and Tel Aviv. There are two flights to Russia, and they are to Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

The airline flies codeshare flights to other destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Russia. These destinations include Hannover, Kuwait and Novosibirsk. There is only one codeshare flight to South Africa, and it is to Johannesburg. Likewise, there is also only one codeshare flight to Singapore.

Aegean Airlines has codeshare flights to several destinations in Australia and Canada. Notable destinations in these two countries include Montreal, Calgary, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.