What Are the Advantages of a Bird's-Eye View Map?


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A bird's-eye view map allows you to see an object from different angles, and it also may offer better image quality. With this type of view, you can see the layout of numerous homes and neighborhoods.

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A bird's-eye view is a view from above, as if the observer were a bird. It is commonly used in the making of maps, floor plans and blueprints. A bird's-eye view map is a high-resolution aerial image of a location viewed at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, which results in 3D-like imagery. It allows you to see the architectural style and the sides of a home, while you cannot do the same on a flat, overhead view map.

Normally, a bird's-eye view map has navigational buttons to enable you to view a house from different angles and directions. Therefore, you can see the front, back and sides of the house and even get to see what the yard space looks like.

In July 2012, Microsoft released an extra 215 terabytes of bird's-eye view, high-resolution imagery to Bing Maps. This follows 165 terabytes of imagery released to the service one month earlier. The bird's-eye imagery is collected from low-flying aircraft and offers greater depth and higher-resolution images of cities and major landmarks. According to Microsoft, more than 1.1 million additional files were uploaded to Bing's servers. In total, the new imagery consists of 230,000 square kilometers. These images are available in most regions around the world but focus on the United States, Canada and major European cities, such as London and Paris.

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