Are There Any Admission Free Attractions Available in Bisbee, Arizona?


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The top free attractions in Bisbee, Arizona are the Copper Queen Library and the Bisbee Restoration Museum. Visitors can also check out the stores, breweries and galleries that line historic Main Street and Brewery Gulch. The hike up Chihuahua Hill to the large "B" is free for everyone.

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A self-guided walking tour of Bisbee introduces visitors to the town's many historic buildings. One of the grandest buildings in town is the Copper Queen Post Office, which features a dramatic facade composed of multiple arches. The Copper Queen Library is situated in the same building. Visitors can examine the unique interior and exterior architectural features and browse through the library's large selection of books.

Main Street, Bisbee's busiest road, is home to the town's most-visited establishments. Once the center of the Old West mining town, the street now houses a variety of gift shops and art galleries. Everything on Main Street is accessible on foot.

Another popular location in Bisbee is Brewery Gulch. During the town's mining heyday, the street housed more than 47 bars and saloons. As of 2015, establishments such as the Old Bisbee Brewing Company and the Stock Exchange Saloon continue to cater to thirsty visitors. Many local bars provide free live music and entertainment throughout the year.

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