How Do You Find an Address in Paris?


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If you are trying to locate an address for a public building or complex, such as the Louvre Museum, check the website associated with the location. You can also search for addresses by building or company name on Google Maps and Map Quest.

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On websites associated with public buildings or complexes, check for an address either on the bottom of the homepage or on some other designated Web page. For example, the Louvre Museum posts its address on its Hours and Admissions page, found under the Plan Your Visit section. The website also has a Getting Here page that both lists the address as well as how to get to the museum via public transportation. Sometimes, a location's address is available on a Contact Us page, as in the case of the Philharmonie de Paris.

To find an address on Google Maps and Map Quest, type in the name of a building, complex, church or business within the websites' search engines. If there is a corresponding match, each website pulls up a map pinpointing the location sought as well as the accompanying address. For example, you can get the address of the Louvre Museum by typing its name into the search engine. Utilizing both websites' Directions feature allows you to find the best route from one address to another.

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