What Are Some Activities to Do in North Huntingdon Township, PA?

Some activities in North Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania, include touring historic covered bridges and going to the Big Mac Museum and Restaurant. Visitors can also explore nature at the Laurel Highlands recreational areas.

Although residential and business areas make up the bulk of North Huntingdon, this township still boasts some things to see, such as the Big Mac Museum, which celebrates a popular McDonald's hamburger created in Pennsylvania. The museum features a giant Big Mac replica, Playplace and restaurant.

Visitors can ride across the historic Bells Mills covered bridge, the last in Westmoreland County. It lies in the Laurel Highlands along with other outdoor activities within a short driving distance of North Huntingdon.

The Laurel Highlands not only features other covered bridges, but a variety of popular routes and historic roads for history enthusiasts. For instance, the government built the Historic National Road in the early 1800s along an already-established route that Native Americans, soldiers during the Revolutionary War, and pioneers utilized. The Lincoln Highway as well as the Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway also pass through this area. Visitors can explore the 3,000 miles of wilderness through hiking and bike trails, such the Great Allegheny Passage and the Laurel Highlands hiking trails. The area also features a number of resorts, swimming and animal parks for family outings, wine tours and tasting, and spas and wellness centers for adults.