What Activities Can You Do at the Imagination Station in the V&A Museum?


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Activities at the Imagination Station at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, include creating a coat of arms, designing an enchanted woods based on Shakespeare's work and creating a character for the museum's Hollywood Screen. Another option is to create a sea creature at the Deep Blue Sea exhibit. Large sheets of paper and colored pencils are set out for anyone that just wants to draw and "do their own thing."

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The coat of arms section allows kids to design their own coat of arms either on a flag or a shield and then take home their creations as souvenirs. The enchanted wood station is based on Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Using colored tissue paper and drawings of birds, butterflies or anything else, the kids create their own enchanted forest.

The Hollywood screen section lets kids draw their own versions of good and bad guys that they'd like to build a story around. The drawings are displayed on the walls surrounding the station. The Deep Blue Sea exhibit is outside. Kids draw or paint their own versions of undersea creatures and post them along the wall of the exhibit.

Admission to the Victoria and Albert Museum is free. The Imagination Station is also free and available during school holidays. The station features an "activity of the day" and provides the materials. The kids are free to wander the museum to get ideas for their creations.

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