What Are Some Activities Available at Apostle Islands National Park?

What Are Some Activities Available at Apostle Islands National Park?

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore offers many water-themed recreational activities such as swimming, boating, fishing and kayaking. The islands also have many opportunities for hiking, biking and camping; some islands permit hunting as well.

The Apostle Islands consist of a grouping of 21 islands located in Lake Superior just off the northern tip of Wisconsin. The islands are a popular destination for tourists because of the many recreational and sightseeing activities available. Camping is available on the mainland and on almost every island, although ease of access and available amenities vary.

Sea caves dot the lakeshore and several of the islands; visitors can reach the caves by boat during the summer months and by walking on the ice during the winter months. Scuba diving is another popular activity around the islands, where there are many underwater rock formations and shipwrecks to explore.

There are eight historic lighthouses on the islands, the most popular being the Sand Island Lighthouse. Several tours take participants to these islands.

The islands are accessible by boat, and there are several tour options available for those wishing to travel between islands. The only island with a ferry line is Madeline Island, which is not a part of the National Lakeshore.