How Do You Access Skyward Through the Norwin School District?

How Do You Access Skyward Through the Norwin School District?

To access Skyward through the Norwin School District, parents need to complete and submit the registration form, then login into the Skyward site. Students in grades 5 through 12 can contact their guidance counselor to obtain the account information needed to access Skyward.

Skyward's family access site is provided by Norwin School District so students and their families can view school information online. Information provided include school assignments, course grades, class schedule, food service balance, payments, student progress, attendance and emergency contact information.

Use the following steps to access Skyward through the Norwin School District:

  1. Go to the Norwin School District website
  2. Go to the district's official website. Click on "Family & Community," then click on "Skyward Family Access."

  3. View system requirements
  4. Click on the "System Requirements" link to view the computer requirements needed to access Skyward.

  5. Complete the registration form
  6. If a parent or guardian, click on the "Registration Form" link to view and complete the form. Submit the form to begin processing. The registration form will be processed within 3 to 5 business days. Once processed, an email will be sent with the subject "Norwin School District Family Access Account Information."

  7. Log into Skyward
  8. Use the login information provided in the email to log into the Skyward Family Access system on the district's website.