Do All 50 States Have a State Animal?


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All fifty states have a state animal. Every state has a state mammal and a state bird. The state mammal can fall into one of three categories: land, marine, wildlife or domestic mammal.

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Do All 50 States Have a State Animal?
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The idea of a state mammal started in the early 1950's. States are still adopting a symbolic mammal up into the 2000's. States often have more than one mammal. Mississippi's state animals are the white-tailed deer and the bottle-nosed dolphin.

States sometimes choose a small mammal and a large mammal. Texas's state small mammal is the Armadillo, and its large mammal is the longhorn.

More common than mammals, a state bird is often featured on the state seal or the state flag. Adopted as the official state bird on April 14, 1939, the blue hen chicken is the state bird of Delaware.

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