What Are 5 Unusual Facts About Australia?

5-unusual-australia Credit: Australian Scenics/Taxi/Getty Images

In 1883, it was declared illegal in Australia to swim at beaches during the day; this law stayed in place until 1902, when it just stopped being enforced. The ban on swimming was introduced due to the dangerous amounts of deadly sea creatures, such as the box jellyfish and many species of sharks, that were active during the day.Australia is also known for being home to the world's first cartoonist society, The Black and White Artist Society.

The following includes more unusual facts about Australia.

  • Ten of the world's deadliest snake species can be found making there home in Australia.
  • There is a lake in Australia called Lake Hillier that is bright pink.
  • There is a river called the "Never Never River" located in New South Wales.
  • There is also a mountain called "Mt. Disappointment," because the people who discovered it found the view from the top to not be worth the trip up the mountain.
  • Melbourne used to be called "Batmania."
  • In 1967, the prime minister went to the beach for a swim and mysteriously disappeared. His body was never found.
  • There are more kangaroos than actual people in Australia.
  • Australia also has the world's longest international highway, Australia Highway One. In total length, it could circumnavigate the entire continent.