How Do You Get a $49 Flight on Southwest?


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To get a $49 flight on Southwest, you have to catch one of the company's flash sales, according to the Washington Post. The low fare applies to direct, one-way flights with the shortest distance between two cities. To receive this special rate, you can only travel in the domestic United States.

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The discounted $49 airfare does not apply to last-minute travel, as of 2015. Southwest outlines the allowed dates of travel during each flash sale. Some holiday dates and weekend days are blacked out and unobtainable at the special rate. The airline's flash sales are typically only available for a short period of time.

This special rate also limits certain routes from one particular city to another to set days of the week, according to the Washington Post. Although still at discounted prices, airfare increases as the distance between departure cities and arrival cities widen. Peak travel times also incur higher airfares with increases of up to $149 on select routes. The $49 flights often apply to early morning or late evening departures.

Southwest launches impromptu flash sales without prior notice to customers, but they are often offered multiple times throughout the year with various routes and dates of travel.

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