Where Is the 3rd Ward in New Orleans?

The Third Ward of the city of New Orleans is bordered by the Mississippi River, City Park Avenue, I-10, Julia Street and Canal Street. It is a long, narrow area, extending northwest from the Mississippi at an approximate angle of 45 degrees.

Tulane to the north and Poydras to the south are major arterial streets between the boundaries of Canal to the north and Julia and I-10 to the south.

There are 17 wards in the city of New Orleans, and while they were established for political purposes, they have taken on cultural resonance to the inhabitants of each ward. The Third Ward was one of the original seven wards that were part of the original city of New Orleans, as established in 1805. The boundaries for the wards have shifted over time, particularly during the 19th century, but the current boundaries were closely approximated by the redrawing of ward boundaries in 1852, when the city underwent a reunification that included the incorporation of the previously autonomous city of Lafayette.

The Third Ward is south and west of familiar parts of the city of New Orleans like downtown and the French Quarter. It is the home of city government and the New Orleans Superdome. In the parlance of the city, it is considered part of "uptown."