In What Year Were Skittles Invented?

year-were-skittles-invented Credit: p4nc0np4n/Flickr/CC-BY-3.0

Skittles were invented and originally produced in Britain in 1974. In 1979, Skittles were imported to the United States. It was not until 1982 that Skittles began to be manufactured in the United States.

Skittles are produced by Wrigley, which is a subsidiary of Mars, Inc., one of the world's largest candy producers. Businsssweek ranked Skittles 14th on a list of America's 25 Favorite Candies, noting that Skittles earn $150.2 million in sales annually. According to the New York Times, Skittles are the second most popular chewy candy in the United States, second only to Starburst. As of 2014, Skittles are available in six different flavors: Original Fruit, Desserts, Sour, Wild Berry, Tropical and Darkside.