What Are Some of the Worst Foods for Constipation?


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Some of the worst foods for constipation include chocolate, bananas, black teas, eggs, meat and cheese, notes Health magazine. These foods are low in fiber and slow down digestion, causing or increasing constipation.

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Constipation can have multiple causes from a low-fiber diet to inflammatory bowel disease. When dealing with constipation there are certainly a number of foods that can make it worse. These foods are known to cause constipation too, notes Everyday Health.

  • Dairy products: Nearly all dairy products can promote constipation as they are high in fat and low in fiber.
  • Red meat: It may be a good idea to avoid red meat when dealing with constipation. This doesn't necessarily cause it, but meat often replaces fiber in the American diet.
  • Chips: High in fat and low in fiber, chips also slow digestion and don't help the bowels move.
  • Frozen dinners: Another food that is loaded with fat and usually low in fiber. Frozen meals also contain a lot of salt which forces the body to use water to dilute sodium rather than moving waste through the bowels.
  • Bananas: Avoid unripe bananas; however, ripe bananas are high in soluble fiber and a good choice for relieving constipation.
  • Cookies: Tasty though they are, cookies are dense foods with little liquid and fiber. Plus, added fats slow digestion.
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